I really want to give a HUGE shout out to Tamara Williams and Sandy Petersen who were the key implementers working behind the scenes to make sure the delivery of each gift went well and each location was ready for our arrival. They are the co-founders of an awesome Wedding Planning and Events company called Sassafras Events, you should go check them out if you get the chance if you know anyone getting married or planning an engagement!

She was the one that really got me on my feet and organized because we met at Islands one fateful day in Pasadena, and that’s where she sat me down said, “Ok, how are we doing this?” And that’s where the planning began. And shortly after that, we had e-mail threads going and whole spreadsheets filled with logistics (sample below). And on my plane ride to Texas to speak to the IEEE SPAC committee, I wrote my clues.

I also want to thank my Best Man, Noah Reich, for helping me find the most awesome photographer to help capture such a special moment in our lives. Thank you Rafael Hernandez for capturing our proposal. We will cherish your photos forever!


And lastly, ALL the engagement photos that you see on this website are ALL the work of my Uncle Nandy and his amazing talent. A big big big thank you goes out to him and my Aunt Junie for taking their day and going on an adventure with us at Disneyland to help us take our AMAZING engagement photos. They are so incredibly special and memorable. You guys are so talented and kind. Thank you for bringing our dreams to life!