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Mandy Gill and Jonathan Chew



Saturday, May 16, 2015



Disneyland, California


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Joe’s Cafe

Jonathan and I tried a great little place near us for breakfast called Joe’s Cafe We got a delicious stuffed French Toast and had a blast eating it together. I love places that give you free bread before a meal and I was not expecting a breakfast joint to do...

Starting the Chapter of Happily Ever After…

Hey Guys!! It’s been exactly a month since we saw you at Disneyland for our Big Day!! Thank you again for joining us – it made the day EXTRA special We’ve decided we’re going to still keep this website!! Instead of blogging about wedding...

Together is Our Favorite Place to BE :)

Whether it’s Disneyland, a movie theatre, a park, or a car, we love hanging out and just talking. Our conversations can last for hours and hours. Time just seems to fly by whenever we’re together. So we thank God every single day for the blessings He gives to us and the joy we have and the life we get to live now as a couple into eternity. Thank you everyone for helping make us who we are!

  • Happy 100%
  • Thankful 100%
  • Grateful 100%

“For better… or worse… but never for granted.”

Everybody deserves somebody who makes them look forward to tomorrow.